Rehabilitation…therapy for healthy living

Both short and long term residents benefit from a combination of therapy and nursing services allowing them to either return home or reach and maintain their maximum potential as a Maples resident.

Our nursing rehabilitation includes in-house physical, occupational, speech and restorative therapy. Our registered therapists, along with our restorative nurse, oversee a team of trained certified aides with an average length of employment exceeding fifteen years. Providing expertise, support, progress monitoring and evaluation, our team will create a therapy schedule specific to each persons individual needs and goals.

The Maples Physical Therapy Department focuses on the individualized needs of each patient providing:
-Personalized treatment plans
-One on One treatments
-Flexible schedules
-Patient focused goals
Our therapists utilize a wide variety of modern treatment techniques including: functional training, gait analysis and training, individualized therapeutic exercise programs, manual therapy, muscle re-education, therapeutic massage, therapeutic modalities, and vestibular balance & coordination.

The Occupational Therapy program focuses on maximizing independence in functional daily living skills. Treatment begins with an evaluation, and then individual needs and goals are considered when establishing treatment programs. Emphasis on daily living skills includes: adaptive equipment recommendations & training, ADL retaining, cognitive & perceptual retaining, continence improvement, edema control for upper extremities, gross and fine motor muscular re-education, home management & home evaluations, seating recommendations, splinting & orthotic assessment/contracture management, and wheelchair positioning.

The Speech/Language Pathology Department provides a variety of patient specific treatment programs for patients with speech/language, cognitive linguistic and swallowing disorders. Speech/language evaluation and therapy help to improve communication disorders following an injury or stroke. Swallowing disorders are treated following a thorough evaluation to identify the type and severity of the problem. Treatment may include diet modification strategies & patient/family education focused on reducing aspiration and choking risks.

Restorative Therapy continues the individualized programs developed by the therapists, and carried out by the staff, to maintain function following the completion of therapy services. They assure that walking, range of motion, and exercise programs continue throughout one’s stay at The Maples.