The Maples Guild is comprised of a group of people who raise money to provide funds for various things for residents, such as Christmas gifts for each resident, money for a haircut for those who do not have any personal funds, or for special outings.

The Employee Scholarship fund is to help employees with some of the smaller barriers they face in furthering education for advancement, such as the purchase of gas to travel to a nurse aide training program, or money for help with tuition or books.


Often, after a loved one passes away, a family may request donations or memorials be sent to The Maples instead of flowers. If that is your desire, donations may be made to The Maples, with the memo section marked with the loved ones name. Donations are used for the residents such as outings, craft supplies, games, Hair Salon birthday certificates, and more.Sometimes family members like to purchase items for The Maples in memory of their loved one, but don’t know what is needed. For that reason, we have provided a “need or wish” list for the residents:

  • Recliner/Lift Chairs
  • Nightgowns & Pajamas
  • Art Supplies, yarn, magazines, etc

Items our residents would appreciate are:

  • First and best of all, your time. Arrange to have lunch with them, or take them out to their favorite restaurant.
  • Photo albums with copies of their favorite pictures. Please label the names of the people in the picture.
  • Bird feeders and bird seed
  • Their favorite hand cream, fingernail polish, or box of facial tissue or kleenex.
  • Subscription to their favorite newspaper or magazine. Some magazines have wonderful pictures that all residents can enjoy.
  • Supplies for a favorite hobby: yarn, puzzles, word search books, DVD’s music CD’s, books.

Thank you for your interest and support in The Maples, and especially our residents.