Testimonials come from a variety of sources: full time residents, short term rehab patients, family members, and members of our community. We share these with appreciation to our community for the opportunity to provide outstanding care for the residents of Benzie County.

“Thank you to the entire staff at The Maples for hosting such a wonderful winter celebration last Thursday for the Residents and their families. Your staff goes above and beyond. The food, decorations, and music gave a lot of happiness. Thanks again to an excellent team.” ~ Tom and Annette Hart

“The Maples will be my first choice should I need a place to recover after my next hip surgery”
“Meds carefully monitored”
“The best care I could want”

“Clean and well organized”
“Much needed in our community”

“Thank you for making my stay at the Maples a wonderful experience. The entire staff helped me through a maze of obstacles. I am grateful from the the bottom of my heart, you made it a pleasant journey.” ~ Carl “Pete” Peterson

“Excellent staff”
“Direct care staff was very good from the youngest…to the most experienced”
“Overnight help was excellent”
“There is definitely a positive ‘vibe’ at the Maples”
“Staff made me laugh and smile”
“The Maples staff combines love, caring, experience and professionalism”
“Very caring, efficient and professional”
“Considerate, willing to help”
“They were great!”
“Staff members often ate meals with residents so that they would not eat alone. Very impressed”

From Family members:
“My mother-in-law lived at the Maples for the past four years and we have had nothing but fantastic experiences with the staff. The nurses, CNA’s and the whole staff treated her with compassion, love and warmth as if she was their own family. We knew she would be taken care of, treated well and loved at the Maples.”

“Words can’t express my thanks to all of your for the care you gave Bill during his stay with you. Being away from home can be very stressful but you made Bill feel like family and it showed in many ways.” ~ Gladys Fletcher and family

“My mother and I thank you so much for your kindness while she was at The Maples. The aides, physical and occupational therapists, nurses, cleaning staff, nutritionist(s), social workers(s), cooks, receptionists, maintenance and administration – all of you have demanding jobs that require patience, understanding and compassion.” ~ Carolyn Carlson

“We can’t possibly thank you all enough for the kindness, care, and love you gave to Alice during her time with you. Your support and thoughtfulness brought us comfort and peace.” ~ the Frye family

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